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Welcome! [12 Oct 2005|06:20pm]

[ mood | tired ]

Hi hi! *waves*

Thought to do the first intro post in here.. (even though up to this point I know all 3 members :P).

I'm Em/21/Aus/uni student (soon status will change to 'hibernating bear wannabe', I hope :P), and Shnicky is my drug. My fave out of the two is Nicky. Mmm.

This community was conceived by morethanadore (that's yours truly), nicnacs and neon_girl. We like to get together on MSN late at night and discuss our level of desperation over getting our hands on some Shnicky porn (we insist there must be some out there!).

For security purposes (and the fact that there are kids in LJ), this community is members only, so you'll have to join to see the community's posts, so go on, clickety click.

Please feel free to begin posting your intros, fics (feedbacks are always welcomed), pics, theories, etc. Let the party begin!

*jumps into the Shnicky sandbox*

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