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the S H N I C K Y community

you see F R I E N D S, i see L O V E R S

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  • Shnicky is Shane Filan and Nicky Byrne of Westlife. Yes, the Irish boyband.
  • This community is for fans of Shnicky and Shnicky slash. If you are offended by m/m love or by the thought of Shane and Nicky getting it on, or if you are not mature enough to handle this subject, or if you're underage please go away.
  • Absolutely no flaming. If you're not a Shnicky believer, that's fine, but don't make rude comments here.
  • No stealing, copying, or all those evil things. Ask for author's permission if you wish to post anything of theirs anywhere else.
  • On that note, please always give credit to the original authors if you're posting anything that's not yours here.
  • Sharing is caring ;) We'd love to see fics, pics, theories, slashy bits of interviews, animations, audio files, manips, icons, absolutely anything Shnicky!
  • Please use LJ-cut for fics, pics and any long post
  • Any problems? Email us at iseelovers [at] gmail.com or contact morethanadore, nicnacs or neon_girl

    The gorgeous layout blend was made by neon_girl and the icon by morethanadore with caps from the E4 show. Do not steal, kthxbye :P

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    The Shnicky fanlisting - please join by clicking H E R E


    We'd like to get to know our members a little better, so we've decided that everyone should post a little something about themselves- and we've made a form for you to follow!

    Favorite Shnicky 'Position':
    Anything else we should know?:

    So, if ya could fill that out and stick it under an lj-cut, we'd love ya for it! :D Thanks!